At TSS, we house four 2 post lifts, a 4 post alignment rack, a touch-less tire mounting/balancing machine and high quality knowledgeable technicians with decades of experience working on a variety of different vehicles. Our goal is to provide friendly, helpful advice along with integrity and quality service when helping you with your vehicle needs.  We take pride in our honesty and quality workmanship.  Services we offer include everything from custom fabrication to factory scheduled maintenance and repairs. We offer Pre-Purchase Inspections for almost all vehicles, and of course performance modifications and custom fabrication. Below are details on some of the services we offer. 

Factory Maintenance and Repairs

To cover factory maintenance plans that are becoming ever more important on modern vehicles today, we stock a large selection of factory approved engine, transmission and gear oils from top German oil brand, Liqui Moly. We also carry strong relationships with local dealerships and OEM parts suppliers of all makes so that we can acquire any parts you may need at the best prices.  Our oil services are not just a simple oil change as we provide a visual inspection, top up of all accessible basic fluids & a service reminder reset.

Pre-Purchase Inspections – PPI

In order to provide you with full confidence when purchasing a used vehicle, our PPIs are extremely thorough.  Vehicle onboard computers are scanned for live and pending codes.  Brakes and tires are measured and visual inspections of all other mechanical components are carried out.  Engine compression and leak-down testing is also available when requested.  There are over 100 points our technicians must look over and check off for our report to be completed. 

Best of all, our PPI is extremely affordable as well for the majority of vehicles. 

Designated Vehicle Inspection Facility

We are also a government approved inspection facility.  Privately owned vehicles imported to BC are subject to a one-time vehicle inspection. This inspection ensures that the vehicle purchased is compliant with all safety standards mandated in the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (MVAR).  If you are relocating from another province and need  to register your vehicle, you must complete this inspection, this is due to other provinces of Canada having different requirements. The inspection is required so that you can properly insure your vehicle in British Columbia.  If for whatever reason the vehicle fails the inspection, we are fully equipped to repair or modify the vehicle until it conforms to BC Government standards.

Performance Upgrades

We are well versed on various platforms when it comes to installing and fabricating aftermarket upgrades.

See below a list of some of the more common installations we perform on a regular basis. 

  • Exhausts and Installations (Including Valvetronic Systems)
  • Coil overs, springs, suspension parts, custom alignments
  • Brakes – Whether upgrading pads, lines, rotors or upgrading to bigger brake system
  • Complete engine overhauls and upgrades
  • Fuel system upgrades
  • Custom fabrication including roll cages, hoops and dashes
  • Custom wiring and stand alone ECU installs
  • Fender rolling and pulling to fit aggressive wheels


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