Liquimoly Jectron Fuel Injector Cleaner


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Suitable for use in all 4-stroke gasoline engines, with or without turbochargers. Safe for use with catalytic converters and particulate filters (GPF). Add the contents to the fuel tank and repeat every 2.000 km (1.200 miles) or as necessary. Contents (300 mL) is sufficient for 25–75 Liters (7 gal. to 20 gal.) fuel.


A combination of additives to clean and maintain the fuel system of port injected and carbureted  gasoline engines. Cleans injectors, the combustion chamber and protects against corrosion. Restores proper fuel atomization and improves engine efficiency. Regular use keeps the fuel system in perfect working order.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 28 cm


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